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pastor caught sleeping with another man's wife


A video circulating on social media shows the moment a man caught his heavily pregnant wife red-handed with a pastor in their matrimonial bed while surrounded by fetish items.

Husband Catches Pastor With His Wife In Bed

It was gathered that the man unexpectedly walked in on his pregnant wife simply identified as Martha while she was having sex with a pastor on their matrimonial bed.

The distraught man immediately turned on his phone camera and started recording the adulterers as he questioned his wife and the pastor over the fetish items in the bedroom.

In a viral video, the woman could be seen trying to cover her nakedness while begging her husband who threatened to get physical with her if she gets close to him while pleading.

Meanwhile, the pastor wore his shorts to cover up his nakedness while maintaining a distance without altering a word to the husband whose rage was boiling at the point.

On the floor, candlelights, calabash, and other fetish items could be sighted, creating an impression the man was performing some rituals for the pregnant woman whiles sleeping with her.



“New information suggest that the trending video, in which a lady identified as Martha who was begging for mercy from her husband after being caught red handed with another man, was actually performing The last Ritual for safe Delivery.


“Sources say the 2 individuals, the ungodly papa and Martha were performing the last ritual, as she she was barren for sometime and the Congolese pastor assisted In bringing the fruit of the woman.”


Also watch video and get more understanding of people reactions about this subject matter.


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