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Joke artist Peteru loses battle with Cancer

Comic, Oluwatobi Owomoyela, prevalently known as Peteru, is dead.

The Ibadan-put together comic demonstration supposedly kicked the bucket with respect to Wednesday in the wake of engaging disease.

Entertainer Muyiwa Ademola shared the miserable news in a post through his Instagram page on Thursday.

Communicating sorrow over the death of Peteru, who he portrayed as a chipper decent individual, Ademola said:


“This is a very hard pill to swallow!


“How could this jolly good fellow just depart this world in this manner? Hmmm… it is well.


“Please be kind to one another as we don’t even know what we are individually passing through! I learnt Peteru died of cancer.


“You were battling such burden yet I never saw you without a smile!


“It is well. It is well. It is well. Journey well great guy. I am out of words tonight.”


The deceased was well known for his unique delivery of mimicking people.

He was also an MC and an on-air personality in Ibadan.

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