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God will punish you: Burna Boy humiliates Nigerians at Lagos concert (video) - Tundenny Blog

God will punish you: Burna Boy humiliates Nigerians at Lagos concert (video)

Burna Boy, the Nigerian music star, freely disregarded Nigerians at his show in Lagos on Sunday night.

The vocalist laid curses on his fans in the wake of showing up after the expected time for his show.

He was charged to begin by 9 pm on Sunday yet showed up at the show around 4 am on Monday.

At the point when Burna Boy ultimately turned up, he got down on Nigerians who blamed him for shooting somebody at a Lagos club and guaranteeing his mom once moved for Fela.

The ‘Last Last’ artist said he could not have possibly appeared for the show notwithstanding Seyi Vibez who implored him.

“Just to show you say I still love una. If not for Seyi Vibez, I for don dey go house,” he said.

“But I dey here for una, after una don talk say I kill person for Cubana, after una talk say my mama dance for Fela, after una don talk say…no wahala, I still love you, na why I still dey here, if you like no love me, na God go punish you.”

In another video, he likewise hammered fans for reviling him previously. That’s what he added notwithstanding his adoration for them, he could not have possibly performed at the show.

“Omo, no cap ooo, this is just to minimise they day when una dey curse me. If I dey lie right now, make God punish me, if no lie make God punish you. If na you be me, you no go come back. I no fit vex for una, I love una too much,” he added.

Burna Boy was likewise caught kicking a fan at the occasion.

Watch the second the artist reviled his fans underneath:

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