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GENERAL NEWSFCB SHOUT Discovers the Real Cost of a Second Chance in Latest Film for RHB Bank - Tundenny Blog

GENERAL NEWSFCB SHOUT Discovers the Real Cost of a Second Chance in Latest Film for RHB Bank

Named ‘A New beginning’, RHB Bank’s most recent Chinese New Year film, which was considered and made by FCB Yell, recounts the genuine story of Lex Low, a hairdresser who established Othrs. Stylists. Beside finding success in his exchange, Lex Low likewise devotes his life to giving free hair styles to the destitute. Be that as it may, what truly makes this social business visionary better than the rest is his eagerness to do much something else for the minimized networks in Malaysia. He dedicates quite a bit of his chance to giving his styling abilities to ex-convicts, ex-junkies and, surprisingly, the Orang Asli, with the goal that they can have the chance to fabricate a vocation for them and prevail despite everything.


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The film offers the crowd a brief look at the inspirations that drive Lex to do what he does, while highlighting the extraordinary effect that he has made on the destitute by means of a sincere story among Lex and a “client” who attempted to get himself out of the base barrel of life.

Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, Head Showcasing Official of RHB Gathering, said, “The expense of an error, regardless of enormous or little, can continuously bring negative outcomes. That is the cruel truth of life. Yet, as a Bank that trusts in getting progress going for everybody, we, very much like Lex Low, accept that the expense of another opportunity is free, and it’s something that everybody merits. At the point when we open our hearts and offer a little grace by exceeding everyone’s expectations for individuals around us, we can assist with controlling them in the correct heading again and assist them with advancing in their own life process. This New Year, we trust that this film will motivate Malaysians to move forward and help each other track down their new beginning.”

most recent naija news stacked

In the interim, Tjer, FCB Yell’s Head of Imaginative, added, “We were exceptionally cognizant about not transforming this film into a narrative of Lex’s life, however all the more a reverence to the huge, positive effect that his undertakings have made on individuals who required help the most. That’s what to accomplish, we needed to make a story that highlights Lex, yet additionally a person who fills in as a solitary, emblematic portrayal of the multitude of individuals whose lives have been contacted and changed by Lex in a huge number of ways previously. We likewise faced a challenge by recounting to the story in a non-straight organization to cause it to reverberate better with the crowd inwardly, and because of our astonishing creation accomplices at D Moving Pictures and GT Records, the gamble genuinely paid off.”

“We knew right away that this story needed to be told because Lex’s work perfectly encapsulates RHB’s brand purpose of ‘Making Progress Happen For Everyone’. In a world where everyone is constantly trying to get ahead of one another, it’s important to remind ourselves that the world can only be better when we actually leave no one behind. Giving someone a second chance at life costs nothing, so what’s stopping us from doing so?” Ong Shi Ping, FCB SHOUT’s Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer, concluded.

‘A Clean Start’ was released on 1 January 2023 and has received tremendously positive reviews. It’s currently shown on all of RHB Bank’s social and digital channels in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festive celebration, which starts on 22 January 2023.

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