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In case you have a slow website and you don’t know how to improve the speed of your website, please follow this short article to learn more.

If you are a WordPress user then this plugin is what you will be needing to install. Login to the dashboard of your WordPress, go-to add new plugin and search for Nitro Pack follow all necessary information to make it work for your website speed or watch YouTube videos about Nitro Pack online.

Secondly, another way to improve your website speed worldwide, this mean anywhere around the world your website will always go faster. Simply Google search cloud flare create and account with cloud flare when filling their info, cloud flare will ask you to use their own Namesaver to replace the existing Namesaver you have with your hosting company, kindly make this changes, take note that this effect may take up to 24hours before it will activate, this changes doesn’t affect your website or bring down your website, after filling all info you will need to go back to your WordPress dashboard to install cloud flare plugin for finishing. If you don’t understand how to install cloud flare or you don’t know how to use this process kindly watch YouTube videos to understand more about cloud flare for fast website.

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