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Cops flock Rihanna’s house as man shows up to propose - Tundenny blog

The police were called into Rihanna’s home on Thursday, March 23, after a man showed up to propose to the music star.

Rihanna sure knows that she has a lot of crazy fans out there, but she definately did not see this coming.

Security officials told TMZ that the man traveled from South Carolina, and walked up to Rihanna’s home on Thursday where he faced her security.

After the man disclosed he was there to propose to the mom-of-1, Rihanna’s team called the cops right away. When officers arrived, they put the man in handcuffs, got him in a car, and had a serious chat about his intentions.

It was further revealed that though the man who was dressed in a red Nike hoodie had not broken any laws, he was asked to leave and told not to return.

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