Popular Nigerian Yoruba actress Lola Ajibola has said that the notion that a relationship or love can work without money is a lie.

“Love without money cannot work” – Actress Lola Ajibola - Tundenny Blog

The Yoruba actress, Lola Ajibola, has been dragged to her Instagram post to explain her opinion about the impact of money on relationships and have it controls the couple involved.

Lola Ajibola asked people to stop deceiving themselves, thinking being in a relationship or falling in love with one who is not financially stable will make the courtship work. According to her, a man cannot rely on motivational quotes to keep a woman.

In the statement she made on her Instagram story, she said, “Let’s stop deceiving ourselves; love without money cannot work.” “You can’t keep a woman with motivational talks.”

Love without money cannot work - Tundenny Blog

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