This article will lead you to know how you can verify your domain in Google Search Console and also enable website owners to monitor how their websites is doing on Search Console.

Google Search Console also called Google Webmaster is a web service tool owned by Google that allows webmasters to search queries, check indexing status, crawl errors, and optimize visibility of a website submitted.

Search Console is a ranking service tool that allows a good and trafficking website to rank higher for Search Engine Optimization. This console also allows the website owner to understand if their website is being hit by errors, manual issues, or security issues.

For more enhancement, Search Console allows website owners to submit sitemaps of their pages and posts to enable more visibility in search queries.

If an error occurs in the Search Console, website owners should get an email with their email address used to verify their site with immediate effect.

To learn more about how Google Search Console works we will embed some videos uploaded by Daniel Waisberg the Search Advocate at Google.

Check below for knowledgeable videos from Google:

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