If you are reading this article I believe you will gain a lot from it if you own a blogging website just like us.

Good content for Google first page

Serving relevant content to Google is what Google ever wanted from each website, even new websites before Google will serve it on its first page for user experience. Take note that if your website is doing well on Google Search and you are not adding valuable content to Google Search Engine don’t expect Google to recommend your website because Google don’t put irrelevant content forward in order not to disrupt their guidelines and policies.

As a blogger or a content writer, you must be different and stand out from millions of people, and make changes to your own content with good grammatical write ups. Writing fresh content trick Google to understand that your content is new, fresh, and must be served to the first page for user experience.

Adding fresh images that explain more about the content you have composed will trick SEO to rank your article to the first page to enable the user to understand what they have been missing out. If you are not a designer, you can pay for a good graphic designer nearby to design a visual image that is structured with your content.

How to pass and what to avoid

  • Write a good meta description to support your article for SEO.
  • Target a sweet able title for your article this will drive traffic to your website because users will be happy to know more about what that title carries.
  • Do not copy-write content from another website or else you want to bring your website down because Google already knows that the content exists in one website or even more.
  • Make sure you also categorize your content for Search Engine, let Google understand if your content is News, Entertainment, Business, or Books

If you can abide by the guidelines and policies of Google your content is good to go being on the first page. If you found this article useful and helpful kindly drop a comment at the comment box section.

Sulaimon Babatunde

I am an internet search engine marketer, graphic designer and web designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I always get orientation to do my things from the Google search results.

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