If you have not been using sitemap for your website, after this article you will find the usefulness of a sitemap functionality.

Google Sitemap Submission

Sitemap XML is a tool attached in Google Search Console, it’s enable Google Search Engine to crawl or discover almost everything in an exist website or new one frequently. Sitemap XML is a tool that allows user to know the actual number of pages, posts and videos in a website that submit it url.

How it works

A website owner must first of all verify their website in Google Search Console before sitemap step could be process.

How to submit Sitemap XML

To submit Sitemap XML a website owner must generate Sitemap url either by installing plugin tools like Yoast. After the installation, find your website sitemap XML and submit it in Google Search Console – Sitemap.

Yoast Sitemap XML

What is the Benefits of Sitemap XML?

Sitemap XML will enable Google Search Engine to crawl your website pages, post, videos and tags consistently and serve them all for Search Engine Optimization. If website owner submit their Sitemap XML and it appear success, this process will grant access for fast crawling to Google Search Engine and also allow Google to know what your website is all about without wasting too much time.

Sitemap XML

If you need more tutor about Sitemap XML check below the video uploaded by Daniel Waisberg Search Advocate at Google.

Thanks for reading and watching the video and I hope it was useful and helpful to all our users. For more enquiry drop comment in the comment box.

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