If you are not putting more effort to do more or beat order people’s content on Google Search Engine that means you need to try harder.

As for us the owner of the tundenny.com we keep up-to-date to make sure Google knows that we always have an interest to get to the top of its Search Engine.

A website that wishes to get to the top of the Google Search Engine shouldn’t stop to keep update its site regularly, updating a website frequently, and adding more pages and posts will draw Google‘s attention to a website because Google wants to know what the owner of the site feeding out there in the public if it is good, Google will decide to make an enhancement to make sure it is fed out with featured snippets for user experience, while violated content will always go out of rank on Google search results.

Imagine you thinking of something new, fresh, and things people are never aware of, that’s great, because these are the kinds of content Google is looking forward to adding to their algorithms. It’s not just writing about content, but following the guidelines and policies that make Google add your website to a good position at the top of the search engine respectfully.

How do you make your website trusted by Google?

In our previous articles, we have made it clear that using quality images and writing good content will forcefully make Google interested in your website, Google is programmed to be excited whenever great and serveable content comes around in it’s algorithm, even if your website is not more than six (6) months old it can be recommended and enhanced by Google to any user and also beat websites that are even more than ten (10) ago only if you allow this chances to take effects on your website.

What you should not do to prevent not to drive Google away?

What you shouldn’t be doing in order to keep Google intact with your website are:

  • Stop copying people’s lifestyles, try being yourself do what you can do in the best way of your imagination. This means copying other websites’ content without modifying it can lead your website to massive destruction.
  • Google hate duplicated copy, its algorithm preferred to display the content from the original source it was written first and keep your website below the original one.
  • You can work with Google trends to know what people are talking about, from the trending news you can pick out your own idea and write fresh content in order for Google to serve it to user experience.
  • Write meta descriptions for your articles posts and pages but Google might use the meta description of your website as featured snippets.
  • Use tags, they are very important just as an alternative description.

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Following all the written text above will help Google find your website in the right position on it web.

I hope the above article was useful and helpful in your experience.

Drop a comment in the comment box section if you have any questions that require answers.

Thanks for reading!

Sulaimon Babatunde

I am an internet search engine marketer, graphic designer and web designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I always get orientation to do my things from the Google search results.


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