Google wants you to write good content or article for its search engine because Google still wants to add more knowledge to its algorithm, its wish to learn more.

Google Algorithms

Google won’t make your website a trusted website except you are working towards it regularly. Google is a programmable machine that understands lots of languages because it is also an AI tech that was instructed by its parent to fight for its right about learning what it new and understand if the knowledge it has acquired is eligible to be served to users.

We have seen Google as the number one Search Engine that is so free and reliable to people, you can easily get verified on Google only if you know how to follow its guidelines and policies, Google is looking for more knowledge, and its algorithm wants to understand more about what people have not even discovered, it’s calling you to add your new content to its algorithm right now, feel free to add more to it search Engine in order to get more recommendation from Google.

What you should do for Google recommendation

Write your content fresh on your website, Google algorithms use to be excited when it captures what’s new.

New Images

For Google‘s recommendation make sure you add new images, at times let your images be the one Google Search Engine never discovered before. Google algorithms are always happy to discover something not existing under its knowledge and understanding.


Make sure your grammar is correctly spelled, if you are not too educated, go search on Google for a website that will discover errors in the grammar you’ve written. This is simple if you are an internet freak.

What you shouldn’t do that could discourage Google from recommending your website

Copywriting content without modifying the content may get Google algorithms so annoying because it has those content existing under its knowledge already.

Violated Content

Violated content may not be ranked on Google and the example of violated content are:

  • Advertising content: This may even distract Google from recommending your website for news and others
  • Adult content: This is against Google guidelines and policies, Google doesn’t usually rank them because they can’t be served to teenage users.
  • Content with no Understand: Make sure your content talks about something people can benefit from, if your content is out of point Google can barely understand everything you quote and it won’t put it in a place people can discover it quickly.

Do not be afraid to put content on the Google search engine, if you are not good contact a professional to help you put your idea in an educative manner to get your imagination booming and become a successful entity.

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Sulaimon Babatunde

I am an internet search engine marketer, graphic designer and web designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I always get orientation to do my things from the Google search results.


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