You need to know why Business card of Front and back and Non front and back have their advantages and disadvantages.

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The non-front & back advantage

One face business card are fast to read and displayed all information at one point of view without you turning it around looking for other informations. Also the price of one side business card is very affordable which is why most people go for it.


The disadvantage of one side business card is when too much information is placed on it then the business card design will look very rough this will make it go out for beauty at the same time.

The Front & Back Advantages

The front and back business card will enable you to put less information at the front view and reserve the rest for the information at back of the card.

What you can put in the front

  • Company Logo.
  • Company full name and the director’s name.
  • What the company specialized in can also be at the front view.

What you can put at the back

  • Company addresses and telephone.
  • Social Media Handles and Email address.
  • Object (images) of what the company specialized in.


Most things that cause disadvantage for business card with front and back is because they are quite expensive than the one side card.

So much people prefer having the one face card to reduce spending, this occur to people who are still under low management of their business.

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