Phyna, the winner of the Big Brother Naija reality show, has expressed her disinterest in dating any male contestant from the show.


Her statement came in response to a comment made by her colleague, Chizzy, who think that Phyna and another former housemate, Groovy, would bring a good couple.

Chizzy’s comment was made on social media when a picture of Phyna and Groovy was posted online.

He wrote, “Take it easy on us abeg…I go ship ooo.”

However, Phyna was quick to shut down the suggestion, stating that there are many sweet boys in Nigeria and she does not get why Chizzy wants to pair her with a male colleague.

Phyna went on to imply that she could not date any BBNaija guy because none of them are humans, and she only wants to be shipped with human beings.

In her words;

“Chizzy, sweet boys dey Nigeria na. Why you just wan ship me with BBN boys. Ship me with human being abeg.”

This statement has caused a stir among fans of the show, with some expressing support for Phyna’s stance while others have criticized her for being too judgmental.

One user commented;

“I think Phyna has a right to choose who she wants to date. If she doesn’t want to date any of the male contestants from BBNaija, that’s her choice.”

Another user wrote,

“I understand where Phyna is coming from. It’s not easy to date someone who has been on a reality show. There’s always the risk of being in the spotlight and having your personal life scrutinized.”

However, not all comments were supportive of Phyna’s stance.

One user wrote,

“I think Phyna is being too harsh. Just because someone was on a reality show doesn’t mean they’re not human. She should give them a chance.”

Another user commented;

“Phyna needs to remember that everyone deserves a fair chance. She shouldn’t be quick to judge people based on their past.”

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