What is a Google Knowledge Panel and what are the Uses of it.

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Google Knowledge Panel is an information that came from various sources to display an entity of People, Place or Things on Google Search Engine. The Google Knowledge Panel will enable users or searchers to understand the fact about people such as their achievement, age, place of birth, nationality and many more, same thing with place and things.

Uses of Google Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel will enable the verified owner to make suggestion by clicking on the share button, you can give a feedback about the entity in order to make improvement to the entity for better understanding.

Suggestions on Google Knowledge Panel - Tundenny Blog

Features Image

Google Knowledge Panel will gives the verified owner the access to add feature image to their verified entity by submitting feedback.

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Social Media Profiles

By submitting feedback will enable verified owner to add their social media profiles on their verified entity.

Other Access to Google Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel will allow verified owner to add their full name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, occupations and other items that is accurate with Google guidelines and policies. Note that adding description to a knowledge graph might comes from various sources from Google which can not be added by the owner of the entity, meanwhile Google will decides the description that is sweet able for the entity.

This is all we know about Google Knowledge Panel if you have more ideas you can share it with us in order to improve the tundenny.com website.

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