We will explain to you what we notice on Google Search Engine being on the 19th September, 2023.

New Update on Google Search Engine - Tundenny Blog

We have seen Google update links colour in its search to pink colour recently on search query.

Below is the screenshot of the pink colour updates as reference:

Pink colour update - Tundenny Blog

On the 19th September 2023, we discovered that Google now reverted back to its former blue link. We don’t have any idea why Google chooses the previous links colour update against the recent update, but we believe that the previous blue links is far better than the pink links.

Below is the screenshot of the blue links colour as reference:

Blue link on Google - Tundenny Blog

We hope you read and understand the purpose of our article.


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Sulaimon Babatunde

I am an internet search engine marketer, graphic designer and web designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I always get orientation to do my things from the Google search results.


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