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Google: Chrome Updates 2023 - Tundenny Blog

In September 2023 Google included some new features to Chrome browser for better experience. We always keep Google user updated to be aware of the latest changes on Google Search Engine, Results and others.

The new updates Google included to chrome browser are little features you might not even notice if you are not one of the biggest fan of Google.

Google added new icon above where you have your uniform resource locator (url) and as you can tap to the icon and see description about Chrome Browser just as the way you can view other websites description such as “Connection Secure”, “Permissions”, “Cookies and Site Data” and “About This Page”.

Chrome browser information now available for user to discover how secure and reliable it is.

Another update about Google Chrome Browser feature is right on where you have your three dot by your right corner, click on it, scroll down and tap history then you will find out that Google included an history animated icon if your history box is empty.

We believe Google still have more features to add on Chrome Browser but the updates are coming gradually.

See below of screenshot of the new updates:

Inform Resource Locator - Chrome Browser - Tundenny Blog

Information About Google Chrome - Tundenny Blog

History on Chrome Browser - Tundenny Blog

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We hope you read and understand the latest updates Google featured on its Chrome Browser.

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