Short Details of Caramel Plugg, a Nigerian Actress and Comedian.

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Ukonu Ogechi, better known as Caramel Plugg, is a Nigerian-born Canadian-based content producer, Instagram comic, YouTuber, fashion and lifestyle influencer. Caramel Plugg is known for her Instagram comic skits; she is one of the greatest comedy boisterous in Nigeria, and having over 1.2M followers on her Caramel Plugg on Instagram.

Date of birth:

When was Caramel Plugg born?

Ukonu Ogechi known as Caramel Plugg was born on May 28, 2000.

State of Origin:

Ukonu Ogechi is from where?

Ukonu Ogechi known as Caramel Plugg was born in Nigeria and currently resides in Canada, but he is originally from Abia state in Nigeria’s south-eastern region.

Tribe and ethnicity:

Ukonu Ogechi is a Nigerian by birth and Igbo by tribe in Nigeria’s south-east.


Ukonu Ogechi is a current undergraduate student at the University of the Fraser Valley in Canada.

Social Media Handles

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