Martins Black Vincent, better known as, VeryDarkman, was born in the 1980s. He is a Nigerian content creator and social media personality. He is known for his controversial and outspoken views on various topics, such as politics, governance, social issues, and skincare products.

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Early Life and Education

VeryDarkman was born in Edo state, Nigeria. He studied primary and secondary schools in his hometown, before furthering to the University of Benin, where he attended Theatre Arts. He graduated in 2008 and started his career as an actor/fitness model.


VeryDarkMan began his career as an actor and fitness model, featuring in several movies and TV shows, such as The Johnsons, Hush, and Tinsel. He also shows up in some commercials and music videos. However, he gained more fame and popularity when he started creating content on social media platforms, most especially on TikTok. He became known for his fearless and outspoken opinions on various trending issues in Nigeria, such as corruption, insecurity, human rights violations, and poor governance. He also exposed some skincare brands that were operating without the necessary certifications and standards and advocated for public safety and awareness.

Net Worth

VeryDarkman net worth is not publicly known. However, he is likely to have earned a decent income from his career as an actor and fitness model, as well as from his social media platforms. He has also received generous donations from various individuals and organizations for his content creation.

Social Media Handles


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