Fame is the act of being popular, recognize or the way of being known by lots of people within a country or worldwide. Famous people are those who are legit, and they live to create interesting history for people to learn about even from generation to the others.

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The power of fame may also be possible by someone having a popular account or accounts on social media platform which may involve in the matter of viewing, commenting and liking what the authorize of the account posted or what the person/persons is referring to, due to the genuine personality of the authorizer, people or users may decided to follow up with the topic in order to gain trust and legit news or topic about the key point person.

Advantage of being Famous

The Advantage of fame will make you become a public figure it will bring people’s interest into your Life Career, for instant, you may go viral as a popular known Musical Artists, a Comedian, an Actor or Actress, a News Publisher etc. this may also reflect to a businessman, an organization have the capability to achieve popularity due to their trusted good and services they render to the clients/customers.

Disadvantage of being Famous

The disadvantages of fame is when you broke the rules, by involving your common interest into an illegal stuff or fraudulent activities may tarnish your reputation. A famous person/persons should be able to come up with a great ideas that will always motivate his/her followers, if not, public figure or famous person may experience people dropping from his/her activity.

As a businessman or an organization, must provide legit activities to their customers before delivery. Knowingly, to deliver improper job or services to a customers could simply decrease the traffic your organization is earning and this slides mistakes can easy bring big damages to the reputation of a company.

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