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What is SEO?

SEO, full meaning Search Engine Optimization is the way of improving or enhancing the visibility of a website on Google Search or in any available Search Engine.

Simple Step To Increase Your Website SEO?

Ways to increase your SEO is by following the seven (7) steps below;

  1. Write Fresh Content
  2. Don’t Do Copywriting
  3. Use Keywords
  4. Add Meaningful Images with High Quality
  5. Follow Google Guidelines and Policy
  6. Use attractive colours on your website
  7. Writing content that is useful and meaningful to user experience

What Do You Think Will Happen If You Don’t Know SEO Work?

It will only delay the time frame of your website ranking if you don’t know how SEO works, but bear in mind that someday your website will definitely rank on the 1st page of Google even if you don’t know how SEO works. Just make sure you write valuable content on your website for Google Search Engine to crawl.

Tools You Need to Fast SEO

They include fresh content, fresh text writing, fresh images, and readability must be properly done on your website, make sure your website is always responsive, avoid errors that always hit your website, and keep up to good content creation.

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