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A blogger is a person who develop an article writing regularly for an online journal or website in the sense to educate people/users or pass information to the world through the Internet. A political blogger might provide weekly commentary on current events.

A personal blogger keeps a website which may include diary-like entries, photographs, and links to other websites. Furthermore, a blog is a record of how the blogger spends her weekend, books and movies she’s watched, and many more… Fashion bloggers might take photographs of outfits or link to shopping sites, and pop culture bloggers might recap last night’s TV shows. Blogger comes from blog, first used in 1998 as shorthand for weblog.

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Sulaimon Babatunde

Sulaimon Babatunde

I am an internet search engine marketer, graphic designer and web designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I always get orientation to do my things from the Google search results.


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