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Peter Saville, full name Peter Andrew Saville CBE was (born 9 October 1955) in Manchester, Lancashire, England. He is an English art director and graphic designer. He designed many record sleeves for Factory Records, which he co-founded in 1978 alongside Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus.

Peter Saville Early Life

Peter Saville was born in Manchester, Lancashire, and studied at St Ambrose College. He studied graphic design at Manchester Polytechnic from 1975 to 1978.

Saville became involved in the music scene after meeting Tony Wilson, the journalist and broadcaster. The meeting resulted in Wilson commissioning the first Factory poster (FAC 1). Saville was a partner in Factory Records along with Wilson, Martin Hannett, Rob Gretton and Alan Erasmus.

Swing Project

In 2001, Anna Blessmann and Peter Saville met in a gallery in Berlin and soon began an artwork collaboration, works was shown at Paul Stolper Gallery London, CRAC Alsace, Migros Museum Zurich, Whitechapel London and in various publications.

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