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About Anikulapo

The young man Saro who later earn the title “Anikulapo” in Ojumo village due to the magical power he possessed which makes him a capable being to raise the dead. He is destined to be successful and great man on earth, but he could not achieve all because of proudness, unsatisfied manners, womanizing and being disloyal to Arolake which led him to his down fall and untimely death.

Saro, who came from Gbangan and show up as a traveler/stranger in Oyo, none of his relatives is to be known, thereafter, he betrayed the Alaafin by having affairs with one of the king’s youngest wife Arolake. He was thrown out of the village and sentenced to death overnight, during the day he was raised from the dead by a mystical bird and there he raised with the power to raise the dead with a gourd.

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