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I experienced some changes on Google Search Engine which I must share out to my fellow Google user in case if you are going through the same stated issues below I want you to know that there is nothing to worry about it.

Google is now working on new updates that may benefit the users of their own and this is why they have been some big difference on Search Engine this days. This latest update or upgrade also seized to enable Google to update most users contents on search engine, I found out that it is difficulty for Google to rank any contents on it’s search engine during its Algorithms changes or update performance.

Google even decides on its own to bring down some already ranked website that is on the first page on its Search Engine, but what I believe is that there is no issues or problems found on most of the website Google put down from its first page so, what matters is that Google must have been trying to change update it’s algorithms in order to put those down website into a better view of its Search Engine in good knowledgeable condition.

Though, some highly or recent website which are not necessary for this latest algorithms changes stand steel on first page of Google with full functionality.

What Does The Update Affects?

The affected website which Google brought down from its first page of its search engine included my website “tundenny.com” check screenshot below to see how down our website is on Google:

Android Search Engine

When searching on Google with your android device about people, place, organization or anything that have to do with Google Knowledge Panel the updates that appeared on all knowledge panels only includes mixture of images and videos after the name and profession on Google knowledge panel. Before the update took place we all understood that Google Knowledge Panel doesn’t display videos below names but only the images the entity represents.

Furthermore, Google wiped out “claim this knowledge panel” at the bottom of knowledge panel from its search engine and where you can easily find that option is when you click on the share button. See Screenshot Below for reference

Thanks for reading this article I hope to provide you new updates when it is available on Google search engine.


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