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Sulaimon Babatunde, known as Tundenny, also known as Premium+ is an online web designer, bloggergraphic designer, a search engine marketer, also, the founder and the chief editor of the tundenny website. He is a visual content creator whose vision is all about moving novice designers to an advanced level and giving them a better experience in perfecting their graphic design skills.

Tundenny is a graphic designer who made all his content visible on social media, he has a vision of becoming a graphic designer when he was a young man, and through his parent’s help and supports he successfully turned a graphic designer at the age of 16.

Also, Tundenny is the founder and owner of Tundenny D Designer formally called Tundenny Graphic Suite business, he founded the above business name on the 10th of March, 2020.

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Tundenny is a resident of Lagos, born in the Ibeju-Lekki Local Government area alongside 5 siblings. Sulaimon Babatunde served as an apprentice at Sammy Prints Organization where he learned his graphic design skill and he got his independence from Mr. Raji Samson Elemoro the owner of Sammy Prints in 2014.

In 2017, Tundenny was employed as a staff of Modem Computer Technology to carry out his job responsibilities as a graphic designer/visual content creator. Also, while he was working with Modem Computer he was recommended as a very fast typist until he left in 2021.

Finally, Tundenny worked as Typist/Graphic designer with Future Glory Computers for a short period of time in 2021/2022.

Tundenny is a graphic designer who renders services to his clients in a good condition, he provides higher quality content in order to meet up with customers’ targets and build good relationships.

Tundenny has been in the graphic design business for the past 5 years, since 2020 he has also been making his visual content creation visible on social media.

2nd September 2020

Tundenny website was first index by Google September 2020, but was finally created and launched on the 4th of October 2022.

Sulaimon Babatunde

Sulaimon Babatunde AKA Tundenny is known as the founder and owner of the tundenny.com website.

Tundenny website update the internet users the latest or trending News of what is happening across the world. tundenny.com also provide educative articles about graphic designs, web design and other valuable contents.

Tundenny website is an online graphic design site that serve customer’s/client’s with the following listed design such as Business Card, Flyer Handbill, Flex Banner Design, Logo Design and many more…


It is possible to get web design from Tundenny website, all you need to do is to use the chat button to drop message or make contact through Instagram or their email address.

You can WhatsApp Tundenny direct with the following number 08027041883. For further information kindly check the footer of this site to get more contact details.

Since age 16

Tundenny has been in the graphic design business for the past many years, since 2020 he has also been making his visual content creation visible on social media.


Additional colours you may found in Tundenny website includes, Green, Blue, Purple and black.

Vision - Tundenny website


The mission and vision of the tundenny.com website is to be one of the best graphic design websites and news platforms that will lead to enhanced user experience according to what they may seek to view. We choose to develop the most creative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.


We value our customer’s/client’s recommendations and satisfaction which is why we keep the Tundenny website with up-to-date information in order not to enable disappointment to any user of the tundenny.com website.  

Our main mission and vision is to bring together the professional graphic designers, web designers, photo editors, and SEO experts in one single platform which will enable us to work as a team while we can explore strong ideas that will showcase the good creation of the first and second party to our customers and to the whole world. These visions will bring benefits to tundenny.com and the teams working as a job searcher in its reputable platform.