In this page you may see graphic design tutorial videos.
How to Create a Barcode With the Barcode Wizard in CorelDRAW
  1. Go to Object > Insert > Barcode.
  2. The Barcode Wizard will open. First, select the appropriate Industry Standard Format for the barcode. Then enter the numeric digits below, and click Next.
  3. Adjust the settings of the barcode, or you can just leave them be and edit them later on. As you click on different options, you will see the barcode change in the preview at the bottom. Once done, click Finish.
  4. A barcode should appear in the middle of the screen. You can resize the barcode in the Barcode Wizard by adjusting the Magnification (scale), or you can resize it as you would any other object in CorelDRAW. However, it is not recommended that you alter your barcode in any way outside the Barcode Wizard.
  5. The barcode that you created is an OLE object, which means that it is linked back to the application where you created it. In this case, it is linked back to the Barcode Wizard. Thus, to edit the barcode, simply double-click on it.

Watch the video on how to create a Mockup logo with an existing template. This tutorial will lead you straight to how you can download a Photoshop Mockup and edit it in your own stylish.

  1. Download your own template through Google, and look for available websites to download a Mock-up template.
  2. They are the free version and paid version choose to go for one out of the two.
  3. After downloading your template make sure you have Photoshop available on your PC.
  4. Open the Mockup logo template with Photoshop and start editing it to your own taste.
  5. When you finish ed editing it click save and export to J-Peg and you are done!